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I can be prolife and still abhor Russia's moves against Ukraine. My emotions have nothing to do with the good sound policy reasons to stop Putin now.
Who would support this terrible administration? Even the trolls have abandoned the sinking ship.
It's all in approach. You acted comradey on the Frankenstein thing, when in actuality you just didn't understand what I was saying. So in way consider yourself lucky comrade ;-)
Hahahahaha! Good one.
I'm better informed than you: http://books.google.com/books?id=ktyM07I9HXwC&pg=PT480&lpg=PT480&dq=russification+of+ukraine&source=bl&ots=y5XcD7_HY6&sig=5rSSLpX5U337iq5F04uc7DrPl8I&hl=en&sa=X&ei=LZYUU4fgHqjhyQGY24HQDg&ved=0CG4Q6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=russification%20of%20ukraine&f=false
gone. sorry for the delay
Putin is hardly a devout Orthodox Christian. He goes to church occasionally. He also isn't the only Russian in the world. While a majority describe themselves as Christisn only four percent of Russians go to church weekly. 35 percent say they have never gone to church. Hardly a ringing endorsement for Russia as a Christian nation. Btw- Many people don't consider Rand a conservative. Personally I do not.
Yeah. I know all that. Point is his crimes were so brutal, his guilt so clear that I would have been ok with the death penalty
I call everyone I'm gonna disagree with Comrade. I'm just being consistent. Thanks for not taking it personally
Manning choked in the Super Bowl. I hear they are still cleaning the puke out of the stadium. More first round byes than any QB. 8 times one and done in the playoffs. Book on Manning is that he can't win big game. I worked as a sports writer, NFL and NFL draft. Choke ... That's what pro scouts says. That's what his history says. Google 'Manning chokes' and you'll find articles stretching back 8 years abt it.
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