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I don't want to be a math nazi. But if you go to my archives you'll see I'm publishing 5 articles a week, same as always. Perhaps once or twice there have been 4, but I can't remember instances of it off hand.
GOP establishment types hate me because I'm effective, not because I'm disagreeable. I throw in disagreeable just for fun. Nice try being an expert on my life too.
There were too many syllables for me to understand above the shouting.
Try again with single syllables. Your shouting will be more clear that way.
Yeah, how dare me point out the hypocrites who don't think non-journalists should get the same benefits that journalists do. Flathead your problem is you have never spoken to anyone who actually fought those wars. It's not Bush and Cheney who had the problem, although they made some mistakes. It's snobs like you who think that Arab Christians who have no place else to go rate lower than an AP reporter. Personally I think their lives are all equally precious.
Yeah, cuz that's lasted where it's been tried.
Plus, Romney LOST. ANYONE would have made a better candidate.
Right and wrong is scored that way comrade. Just because Israel has better defense doesn't make them wrong. If the missiles were landing in your neighborhood you wouldn't be so detached about it.
I'm showing you the forest and you're arguing with trees.
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