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Are We Rome Yet?

John Quincy Adams Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 11:40 AM
Low info voters don't even know what "Trust, but verify" means. Everything POTUS says is gospel because low info's don't even know about bias in the Media.
After hearing her testimony, all I can say is good thing I'm not on that Jury.
After hearing her testimony, all I can say is good thing I'm not on that Jury.
And the majority of Americans don't vote, hence Obama and company.
The only hope Mass has is if the Demonrats stay home and the voters vote based on looks.
Impeach Obama and we get brain surgeon Biden, right?
Like business and the military, he has no idea how either works, no wonder nobody in the military like him. He's a Community Organizer, and a racist one at that. Nobody with half a brain would subject his family of 20 years of Jeremiah Wright indoctrination.
That's why one of his nicknames is Campaigner in Chief, he spends more time campaigning than governing, he has no idea how to govern. Case in point, the MSM asked if he's lost his "Juice". If you want personal enjoyment see the Rose Garden presentation after the gun control bill got squashed. He's like a petulant little child that didn't get his way, Geez I hope he's teaching his daughters that if you don't get your way, scream and cry usually works.
Maybe now, POTUS in denial, will classify Major Hassan's comments as not "workplace violence". Oh that's right he's a Moslem converted to Christianity, anyone with half a brain knows how those conversions go. So which is it, is he a Moslem convert or Reverend Wright convert, either way Moslems will hate you and America, no matter how liberal and socialist you make it. Oh yeh, the Constitution was developed with Christian principles, not sharia law, but you already knew that cause you're wicked smahht.
When I went to College in the 90's it was looked down upon if you majored in a non-science major i.e. Criminology, Psychology. Everyone in my major thought taking a required Psych course was a joke. But this dude majored in Poli Sci, which is a joke. Unless you become a lawyer, a bachelor in Poli Sci is a joke.
Not only are they in the bag for any Democrat, the MSM are bad reporters and incompetent.
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