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I voted last November and all I got was the worst President in American history.
"The Community Reinvestment Act was a liberal boondoggle designed to con banks into funding housing for undeserving, unqualified minorities." ^ Truth!
" one trillion dollars into distressed neighborhoods " One trillion dollars wasted and never to be seen again. Who cares though? President Zero will just write another check to the Bank of China.
"Low-income communities have become more attractive to outside investors" Why are the communities still low income if they are so attractive to outside investors?
Stop lying. No conservative could stand to be around you. All of your friends are Obamabots.
Is there a shrink in the house?
You are delusional. Seek professional help.
No doubt. I am not aware of a bigger buffoon anywhere at anytime.
Are you on drugs? If not, please see a psychiatrist so he can prescribe you some.
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Our Dishonorable President

JohnPaschke Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 7:57 AM
He doesn't or didn't hate Coke. LOL
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