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Some Revealing Responses to My Open Letter to Black Evangelicals

JohnnyWard Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 1:08 AM
[How can Obama sleep well at night when blunt articles like this one are on the web?] Obama Enslaves & Destroys Inner Cities ( I experienced all this while trapped in a large American city.) The suburbs are booming, but not fast enough. Yessir, you ghetto folks in inner cities have started a good thing, but there are still lots of acres outside the cities without any houses on them. So you've gotta move into "untouched" city blocks and do the following: Throw trash everywhere. You'll insure that your friends who pick up trash and distribute free rat poison packets will keep their jobs. And folks can predict the weather by the direction the trash is blowing! Walk down the street. Better yet, rhythm down it. And when
My open letter to my black Christian friends, written out of respect and solidarity, generated an extremely high number of email responses. They ranged from commendation to condemnation, with one email informing me that neither “you nor I are going to alter prophecy, these things are foretold, we have to pray now GOD will get us out of here before masses get destroyed!”

Espiritus offered a unique perspective: “The Black, Youth and Latino ‘vote’ is being used [by the Chinese] for the outcome [of the] 2012 election. . . . Under Komrad Obama, America’s military will be emasculated,...