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Well if it bothers you I say push ahead Romney and kick his @ss like the little BlTCH he is!!
Wishful thinking on your part! Go some other place and spill your BULL SHlT! Nobody here really gives a SHlT what you have to say......LOL
Sorry for the dou-che spelling but it was declared as inappropriate word.....SHlT!
He said doosh so yes it does mean democrat! But to be honest Mitts not wimpy......dumb-@ss racist.
I have plenty also and have the ability to direct it precisely to the TARGET! Waste not want not!
I hope they burn LA to the ground and get shot doing so! Poetic justice for all!
CORRECT Rodney47 the people with the LEAGLE guns will win.....and idiots like UnionCOMMYAdvance are in deep SHlT!
I feel the same but I sure am hoping for a Romney kicking the runt in chief around the block on facts!! I smell a Bain moment and I pray it blows up in his lying @ss face!
Not much difference from South Park, they admitted that (even though the writers are liberal) that the libs make it so easy to make fun of them.
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