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We are all valets now.
"Hands up, won't shoot." Hhmmmmm. Seen something better: "Pants up, don't loot."
"Everyone knows the mainstream media is biased, but when its coverage plays a role in getting people’s businesses burned to the ground, it has gone too far." Indeed. Ever notice how the Left waves the taunt 'that doesn't give you the right to shout fire in a crowded movie theater' in your face in 1st amendment debates? Only the "more equal" barnyard critter, aka the Left, gets to shout 'racism' in a crowded riot.
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For What It's Worth

johnnytentpeg Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 9:20 AM
'Compromise' not a 4 letter word? Depends on the real definition. The '1984' definition for the past 40 years means the Right giving into the Left for a later 'compromise' on the Left's part- which never happens. Like Reagan's '86 amnesty in exchange for a 'secure' border at some future date. Securing it is not impossible- like eating the elephant, you start with the southern 1900 miles with Mexico. We've done it before- Korea, West Germany, Kuwait/Iraq, and the Israelis have a working example now with Gaza. Is it perfect? No, but it works 95% of the time. Put these redeploying troops from Afghanistan on the southern border, and you'll have a workable start. Once the Mexican border is 'secure', we can start talking real compromise.
Ahhhhhhh, St. Trayvon. Patron saint of the poverty pimps.
Yeah. Cuz' they voted for old white folks... Like Tim Scott. And Mia Love.
Human 'creativity' is the one resource that is not only 'sustainble', but inexhaustable. But even if it wasn't, once we break the code on cold fusion and near speed of light travel, then perhaps we can drop all the green jihadis on some earth-like planet, and let them wreak all the havoc they want - on themselves.
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Is It As Close As That?

johnnytentpeg Wrote: Oct 25, 2014 4:34 PM
So how to get to 65% to overcome the fraud? The RNC has to use Chicago streetfight tactics advised by former communist David Horowitz, and used to produce landslides in the '80s by former RNC chief Lee Atwater. Unfortunately, the RNC has a twist on Mike Tyson’s fight theory of ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.’ The RNC’s current fight strategy advice to our candidates is ‘Let’s hurt the democrats fists by pummeling them with our faces.’
Airborne all the way brother Andrew! Essential! Otherwise the Repub good 'ol boy establishment will water down the primaries and give us John McRomchristie.
Ya think we could get a hold of James O'Keefe at Projectveritas.com to make one of his undercover videos exposing the Left's rank hypocrisy? Here's the subject: Have his folks find a gay couple that owns a bakery and request a cake for a Klan rally. Wanna place bets on the cake gettin' baked? Wanna place more bets on some Fed judge issuing a court order forcing them to bake the cake like the Christian Bakery owners in New Mexico?
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