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Airborne all the way brother Andrew! Essential! Otherwise the Repub good 'ol boy establishment will water down the primaries and give us John McRomchristie.
Ya think we could get a hold of James O'Keefe at Projectveritas.com to make one of his undercover videos exposing the Left's rank hypocrisy? Here's the subject: Have his folks find a gay couple that owns a bakery and request a cake for a Klan rally. Wanna place bets on the cake gettin' baked? Wanna place more bets on some Fed judge issuing a court order forcing them to bake the cake like the Christian Bakery owners in New Mexico?
Scrathin' my head. So POTUS is gonna follow 'e-verify' once its law? After his rule by dictate, and the gubmint's failure to build a fence (already a law), what kind of logic leads you to think that? Ps. Mr. Tanner, you're going to take how many of these invader kids into your home? PPs. Your TB up to date?
Another effective 'Rural Cleansing' tactic. 'Dem' tea party folk are so much easier to wrangle once we git'em rounded up wit da rest of da sheeple in da cities!'
'All whites....' 'All blacks....' 'All hispanis....' 'All asian....' Do you see the problem here Hugh? What would you say if I told you my wife and her family (hispanic) are against 'shamnesty' and believe the invaders need to get in line like everyone else?
Only 'ignoring' going on is the russian/saudi money buyin' lime koolade for the thirsty 'greenstapo.'
A senator leader hispanic: Ted Cruz. Don't hold your breath though on Repubs 'reaching out to hispanics' where it counts. When they finally walk the talk, perhaps we'll see some wins.
Jeeze Uncle Larry, you're as tone deaf as Cantor. Please forgive us for not buying in to your enabling of 'rural cleansing' via the death of US small biz via 'shamnesty' disguised as 'immigration reform.' Here's a news flash: Hispanics didn't turn out in droves for repubs after Reagan granted 'shamnesty' in '86. They won't this time either. Neither will other 'people of color' you mention for Rinos to 'reach out to.' Here's a more effective strategy: Raul Labrador for House majority leader; Tim Scott or Ted Cruz for Senate majority leader. When 'pubs' start putting their own 'people of color' into congressional leadership positions, and 'walk the talk', then maybe we can peel off some of those minority dem voters.
Raw. Naked. Rural Cleansing. So much easier to load folks in cattle cars once they're all in the cities. Until Boehner, McConnell, and Priebus use these 2 words on the Sunday talk show circuit, it'll be so much urinating up a rope trying to 'fight' the green gestapo.
Amen Hermano. An extreme but effective example of your point: how would've a Jew 'compromised' to be shoved halfway into the oven? Constitutional 'values' are about right and wrong, black and white, etc. Besides, you can't compromise with those of evil intent.
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