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Obama Won, Major Tax Bomb Still on the Way

Johnny L. Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 1:16 PM
Why do you think republicans don't like latinos? Because we don't have open borders? Does Mexico? Try moving to Mexico illegally and see how you get treated. You need to wake up and vote for the party of hard work and religious values instead of allying with the party of Satan in order to be rewarded with citizenship for successfully invading our country. And if you're a citizen already then you have even less of a reason to support democrats.

President Barack Obama won re-election Tuesday which means the United States is in the same exact fiscal situation it was in on Monday. We’re staring at $16 trillion in debt, but the more immediate problem comes on January 1 when every family will see a tax increase of $3500 as the Obama-Bush tax cuts expire and when more ObamaCare taxes kick in, better known as taxmaggedon.

First, let’s start with the first tax increase of $3500. This will happen if House Republicans, Senate Democrats and the White House can’t come up with a deal in the next 63 days....