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Muslim go BOOM!

Johnny L. Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 10:02 PM
Way to tell it like it is. It sickens me whenever I hear liberals call Islam a religion of peace. BS! Have they never read the Koran? Go to a so called "moderate" muslim country like Turkey and convert someone to Christianity. Not only will a few radicals get angry, but the government itself will arrest and execute you. Because that's what the Koran tells them to do. Don't be fooled by your nice Muslim neighbors here in America. Real Muslims obey the Koran and it ain't pretty.
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The Conservative Case Against Torture

Johnny L. Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 1:03 AM
It's all well and good to denounce torture, but do us the courtesy of indicating where your draw the line. Apparently you think "hooding, auditory assaults, sleep-deprivation, wall standing, and food and drink deprivation" are torture. So what in your opinion can we do to get a terrorist who is willing to die for his cause to betray his friends and his God? Give him a stern talking to? I'm sure some people would even consider that a form of mental torture. In my opinion, the problem isn't what the CIA did. The problem is in the way Democrats (and some useful idiots) are politicizing it by calling it "torture." I'll agree that when our enemies hear that "the U.S. is torturing people" they feel like they have free license to torture as well. But the problem is when they think of torture, they think of REAL torture. As in electroshock to the balls, red hot pokers, and cigar clippers used on various appendages. What the CIA did should be called what it is: "interrogation techniques." Leave it to the enemy to define sleep deprivation as torture, don't do their propaganda for them. And Brian makes a good point. Nothing cheapens a human life more than taking one away. While it would be nice if the government could renounce killing and interrogating people who want to kill us, but in this brutal real world we live in, you just can't do that. Ghandi tactics get a lot of praise from the left, but it only works against other good people. Ghandi would be just another anonymous headless victim up against Al Queda/ISIS, which recently beheaded 4 innocent children for not renouncing their Christian faith. We aren't fighting civilized people these days. Use civilized tactics and you might as well line up in red coats in a field to fight the enemy.
Well. I bet they are too, but only because 95% of blacks vote democrat anyway. But true, I expect the 5% are nice upper middle class fresh prince of bellaire types who are good law abiding citizens. Highly unlikely to be running around setting whitie on fire.
It is a shameless double standard. Not unlike many double standards of the media.
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The Radical Nature of Love

Johnny L. Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 9:55 AM
Conservatives like the Pope because they respect the Pope and he hasn't done anything non-biblical... yet. Liberals like the Pope because they think he is secretly on their side and is slowly subverting the church from within. It's the same thing that happened in many protestant churches, the boyscouts, the APA, and many other organizations. Leftists get elected by hiding their true beliefs, slowly but surely stack the leadership with their comrades and all of a sudden its ok for two boys who want to have sex with each other to share a tent (boyscouts). Suddenly gay attractions are no longer treated as a mental disorder (APA). Suddenly gay priests are blessing and marrying gay couples in a church that hosts Muslim services (Episcopal Church and others). From what I've seen the liberals are right. Francis has slowly but surely been replacing conservative theologians with social leftists. Furthermore he uses leftist code words to apologize for church doctrine on social issues. Mark my words, the church will soon be openly debating whether to drop Biblical prohibitions on divorce, homosexuality, and abortion.
I'm surprised that women were more favorable toward torture than men.
Thankfully Christie's numbers blew up before his nomination. The media loves to pretend that republicans can win by being "moderate." Nope. Democrat voters are mindless drones. When the media says a republican is good (such as when Christie helped Obama get re-elected), Democrats like him. When the media says he is bad (fake bridgegate scandal) they all turn against him. Ultimately you can count on the media shilling for "their team" during a general election. Which is why moderate republicans keep losing to radical lefties like Obama and soon Hillary.
I'm confused. 1.1 trillion funds the government for 19 days? Or are we retroactively funding the past quarter? I like the principal of just funding until republicans take control. Don't lynch them yet.
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Slaughtered 'Sons Of Anarchy'

Johnny L. Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 6:03 AM
Ok, I've never seen the show but heard it was a "reality TV show." Just had to check and confirm it is indeed a fictional show, because daaaaam if the producers were filming rapes, murders, etc. Without intervening I'd be as outraged as you. The show still sounds tasteless and crude, but at least real murders didn't happen.
Wow. Those guys either willfully ignorant of the facts, incredibly stupid, or vile racists. Michael Brown didn't have his "hands up" and was nothing more than a violent criminal thug attacking a police officer. The Eric Garner situation was unfortunate and shouldn't have happened. But it wasn't racially motivated. Unless you think the black female supervising cop on the scene just hates black people.
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Is it the Torture or the Telling

Johnny L. Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 2:33 PM
Describing what the CIA did as torture cheapens the word. Sleep deprivation, standing in uncomfortable positions, and yes even waterboarding (the way the CIA did it) does not hold a candle to real torture. Real torture: whipping, pulling fingernails, cutting, burning, beating, etc. In other words, things that cause extreme pain or mutilation. Things that cause fear discomfort are not torture, and without such methods, extracting info quickly is impossible.
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