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Would never vote for anyone who is so evil that they want to use the power of the state to promote abominable acts. Evil evil evil. And what makes it more sickening is when they try to pretend they are doing a good thing by pushing it.
Because we lived in a hell hole during the 1990s when people kept their sexual fetishes to themselves.
It is a shame that so many are actively trying to surrender the fight on marriage. Adding gay marriage to the list of unions the government approves of and subsidizes does not reduce the size of government. It does not "let people do what they want" (they already can). Nor are civil unions that promote homosexual activity under a different name a reasonable compromise. Either we have a legitimate interest in ensuring kids get raised by their biological mother and father, or we get out of marriage entirely. When you just redefine marriage to just mean any sex buddy, you cheapen the institution and waste taxpayer money.
Who cares if 65% disapprove? Keep the borders open for a few more years and there will be enough (illegally) voting illegal immigrants to vote themselves citizenship. That's the real reason Dems oppose photo ID cards to vote.
Scary that such a radical is on the Supreme Court.
Good that Christie is pro-life. But I don't trust him on social issues after what he did re: homosexuality. He strikes me as someone who just does whatever the polls say is popular at the moment. If the media and Democrats start shifting from demonizing pro-family to pro-life candidates, you will likely see him "moderating" (aka. moving to the Democrat side) on abortion issues.
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Bio of new House majority leader

Johnny L. Wrote: Jun 20, 2014 2:33 PM
I have to say, those sound like good stats but then I wonder where the 15% of his non-conservative voting record comes from? I will admit to being skeptical of anyone from a deep blue state like CA. You can't live amongst liberals without being tainted by them in some way.
He's right. Gay sex is like second to child sacrifice as one of the sins that God smites cities/nations for. People should quit defining themselves by their temptations and hating on people who believe in the Bible.
Rome may have crumbled. But Rome BECAME Rome through the use of its troops. It crumbled when it stopped expanding and just rested on its laurels.
This article is why I am glad I didn't vote for Ron Paul. It is one thing to believe it was a mistake to go to war, but quite another to lie about and besmirch the reasons for going to war in the first place. "No evidence of Al-Queda"? Well there was evidence of high level meetings with Al-Queda. And as ISIS proves, Al-Queda is just one of the many Islamic terror groups in the region. And Saddam was an open supporter of Islamic terror. He funded terrorist training camps, provided money to families of suicide bombers, tried to assassinate an American president, USED weapons of mass destruction against his foes, and there was plenty of evidence of numerous biological, chemical, and yes even nuclear weapon programs. Now it is true when we went in we didn't find AS MUCH wmd as we expected (we did find a few sarin filled artillery shell stockpiles and buried nuclear centrifuges) but that doesn't detract from the initial assessment that everyone except crazies who closed their eyes and plugged their ears agreed with. Saddam was a evil dictator with ties to terror groups and a history of wmd use and non-cooperation with inspectors. Maybe we should have left his iron fisted rule in place and we would have been better off. Or he could have waited for inspectors to leave before restarting his dormant nuclear program and handing off a nuke to the terrorists. You never know. As for right now, there is something we do know: A decent sized advanced country like Iraq in the hands of an Al-Queda affiliate cannot be tolerated. We must at least use air power to support the Democratically elected government. I agree with no ground troops for now.
Ever since he banned gay conversion therapy, he lost my vote. Someone who would use the power of the state to limit rights like that is a nightmare waiting to happen.
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