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Talking Points!!! Ignore this GERM he has nothing to ad except racism and hate NOTHING ELSE!!! GERM is an @sshole!
That is because every one but YOU! Know that Obama is HISTORY after the elections! People are starting to feel like REAL AMERICANS with a RENEWED HOPE from the next President of the United States MITT ROMNEY and lets not forget his very lovely and beautiful wife FIRST LADY ANN ROMNEY!!!! Go crawl back to your stye!
Maybe because it is SOOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!! I do not like QEEEERS and NEVER WILL!
I just heard that.......the more that comes out the more this PAINTS OBAM INCOMPETENT!!!
I pray that Obama gets his @ss handed to him after the elections! I also got off my wallet and donated to the Romney Ryan ticket! I guess I can have it both ways!
Two words...STOOPID BlTCH!
Yes they will and all you will here is WHITES ARE RACIST!!!!
You are correct Joeseph64!!! I'm ready willing and more able!!!!
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