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AMEN....This guy has got to GO! I pray for a Romney LANDSLIDE with O chance of Obama contesting any D-A-MM part of it!!!
Whats for breakfast this morning Spam and Trolls! 1
I might start crying..........Eric Bollings on FOX this morning said that if the jobs numbers come out and an 8 is in it Mitt wins BUT if a 7 is in the numbers 0bama wins easily.......WTF? This SHlT can't end soon enough and GOD I PRAY that 0bama is not re-elected!
I am ready for the revolution if these jack wagons try to steal this election..........Son of BlTCHES PlSS ME OFF!
Can I operate the razor? The way my hands tremble every time I see, here or just the mentioning of his name let alone being next to him I shake so bad I am sure I will nick the SHlT out of him for sure!!
The only time I will ever! I mean EVER listen to MSNBC is when WE win the election on Tuesday! These Idiots are so friggin entertaining when they melt down!
Salvation Army!
NOT! The Wicked Witch of the West is beautiful compared to snaggle toothed DWS!
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