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The American Flag: 'A Threat'?

Johnnydollar$2 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 12:48 AM
It will always fly here. The very reason there's a "muslim" community here or ANY other community is because of what that flag stands for. Ironic the Landlord can't see that the Muslims FLED their own Nations to get away from oppression in "their community" The Anti-American marchers have had their way all too often lately. Time to set things right. Happy Independence Day to all Americans home and abroad.
Hey Charlie! what a Coincidence. That's why I quit the DEMOCRAT party. Worked with and voted Democrat/Union for about 4 years until I quit the union and started voting GOP and INDP. Why? because Union Democrats are the most racist in the Country. They told joke after joke about Gays/Women and especially Blacks. One Supervisor had to take "manners Class" after run-in's with several Black employees. Even their Car choice was hypocritical. They chanted Union First! America First all day long, but our lot was filled with Toyota's, Honda's, Hyundai, Nissan and BMWs. Only 4 of us had American cars. More evidence of Democrat racism is the Daley Chicago Machine Racists. They tortured, beat and framed countless blacks in the 70s-80s. That was Union Democrats doing all of it. NOT a GOP or Tea Party member in sight, just racist, violent union Democrats. After the party sold out the USA to Illegal foreign Nationals for votes, When Bill Clinton gave the Chinese technology to destroy us with that was forbidden, when they claimed that Gay sex was as wonderful and as much a "Wedding" as my Grand-Parents and Parents? I could no longer support such a Schizophrenic group. This party believes in Baby Murder for convenience and Booed GOD and Israel at the 2012 DNC. No thanks. But Thank God for the GOP/Tea Party and Independents.
Good Article. And true. I'm in IL. Never have we been so disgusted and shocked by the brazen Waste and Corruption that festers from the lowest public service jobs to the Governor's Mansion. I'm a former, FORMER Democrat/Union voter. The things this Washington Administration has gotten away with in the background and the Governor here are criminal. The Low information types don't care as long as the unsustainable promises and high taxation keep coming. How ignorant and self destructive are voters? The last Election 2012, IL/Cook Co. Reelected THREE Indicted Criminals on the way to prison and retained one, legally insane Judge who was kicked off the bench for bizarre behavior. Did that stop Democrats? no. The Cook Co. Democrats INSTRUCTED these people should get your vote. Sure enough. All Three won and the Judge was retained with 63% of the vote even though all were horribly untrustworthy or fit for office. The Taxes and fines, fees, penalties and Decrees from this State are beyond reasonable. I was in a CVS drug store and some young 20 something was hassling the Clerk LOUDLY about the TAXES on her receipt. He explained that Food items and Candy are TAXED at different rates now *thanks to the Candy Bandits and Gov. Quinn. She was miffed. I followed her out as I was on another Register. I was curious and YES, lo and behold, THERE was the "Obama!!" bumper-sticker on her car. SHE VOTED for these ridiculous taxes herself. This wasn't the first time I've seen younger IL residents complaining about the way things are since 2008. Will It ever change? Only if the low information liberals grow up and realize that the entire Democrat party is more corrupt than the Capone Gang was. As a former Union/Democrat voter in the past? I vote GOP/Ind now. Never again IL Democrats, I can't support open Criminals.
I agree on all points. I WAS a Democrat/Union voter, low information, only voted for me and my betterment. I grew up Conservative but had Democrat friends, a Cook County IL, Democrat Roommate of 14 years *damn Cub fan* I recognize them. I QUIT them. They are hypocrites of the highest order. They cause 99% of all the Racism, drug use, abortions, STD's and Crime in America. They cost us Billions each year with their reckless lifestyles. We can't afford them. I simply can't back people who BOO GOD and Israel three times on National TV at the 2012 DNC. I can't back those who spit on GOD and promote perversion. The difference between right and wrong has never been so easy to see in the Two Parties. Truth hurts doesn't it liberals? Shape up or ship out and become a "Human Shield" for some dictator.
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Confessions of a Bad Woman

Johnnydollar$2 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 1:57 AM
I've lost 4 "lady" friends on line the last 3 years because I made my politics more known. They seemed taken aback because I don't favor Abortion, Gay sex and the horrible ACA. I gave my reasons but it seems people worship their bodies and substances more than GOD or decency. This is one reason why I come to Townhall's website. To see that there really ARE still Smart, intelligent, beautiful Conservative Women. The Internet is filled with too many bitter liberals who vote for "gifts" and then Call themselves righteous.
Ha. Exactly. Imagine?, calling a Beauty Pageant Contestant Pretty or desired? As IF women don't do that about Men on an hourly basis in liberal TV land? And I was more OUTRAGED by Herbstreit's comments about NIU and the BCS and by Bob Costas lecturing me on guns than I was of Musberger's normal comments.
Good Americans need to remind the Government who works for who. 100,000 new NRA members screams it loud and clear. Btw..to Katie. Whenever I hear liberals spewing hate on Conservative Females, I direct them Here at Townhall to see the diversity, intelligence and "beauty" wow...*now I sound like Brent Musberger, and I'm not ashamed. Good job New NRA members.
Bizarro World is here.
Quite Right. All one needed to do was LOOK at His Democrat -Bankrupted IL and vote accordingly. Sad stats in the news this past year in Obama's IL. *857,000 households on food stamps, 800,000 residents fled the last 8 years, 43 Billion dollar Annual State Deficit, 96-100 Billion in Unfunded-Union Pension costs, Worst Credit rating State in the USA. Worst job growth State. 4-6 Billion in unpaid Bills, One third of all State Costs are now Medicaid spending. But Fast Trains to nowhere, Windmills and Gay nuptials will fix us? It's enough to make a resident *still here, put a bullet in their heads, but those will be outlawed soon too. For more stories on IL? see forthegoodofillinois dot org.
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