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" chubby gray alien from outer space" hahaha! Roger Smith from American Dad strikes again. As Gleason used to say... Michelle ...baby...you're the Greatest!
2008-2014 can be summed up with a scene from the movie "Big Lebowski" "Condolences Mr.Lebowski!! the WAR is over! the BUMS LOST!! they always do!" They've failed to Achieve!
"I did not lie awake at night worrying about the problems of Negroes." --Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, 1961
-18 Trillion$$$ and counting and Meat-head liberals still believe in "Free?"
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TIME's Person of the Year is...

Johnnydollar$2 Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 4:20 PM
Back in the Day we used to have LOOK magazine with huge colorful pictures for the easily distracted so they'd read. I think TIME magazine with it's communist rah-rah slant has degenerated below LOOK magazine status, even below Rolling Stone and it's rumor mongering.
Mark Steyn's 2009 piece "Come fry with me" nailed these climate hucksters perfectly. It's still on line at National Review. My other favorite piece that makes the brave new Eco-worriers bristle up is "George Carlin-Saving the Planet" on youtube. The IPCC and U.N. frauds are a comedy show all their own. Keep up the laughs you polluters.
As a former democrat/union voter myself that QUIT them back in Clinton 1, I've been to 4 Tea Party Rallies and one Lt.Dan Band Concert with Gary Sinise sponsored by Conservatives. All of these events I met the nicest people in the world. After each event and rally we even cleaned the area. I was at one rally in a local park on an April 15th and had video and pictures of a group of NUNS with "Don't tread on me" flags and how we all were verbally attacked by 3 owebama-bots who then were kicked out by police since THEY failed to get the proper papers to protest in the park that day. I had those pictures and video on Youtube and flickr for a few years and the comments and hate speech by liberals/democrats was something to behold. In contrast? the occupy anarchists burned, looted, pooped, peed, masturbated in public, wiped feces on bank windows, pooped on a police car, had sex in public, raped a Developmentally disabled girl in NYC and even deployed a Kristallnacht NAZI-LIKE blitz smashing windows. From what I've seen the last 8 years from America? I'd say the biggest problem in the nation isn't the tea party Americans, it's the occupy, Democrat backed criminals who caused countless$$ damages to US cities and costs for security. Americas colleges need a forensic enema and cleaning out these biased, politically bitter "educators" There's very little education going on, just flaming indoctrination.
What you say is TRUE. He was a scumbag. AND HE isn't the object of my comment. Try and keep up. It has everything to do with corrupt politics in IL. The Hearsay evidence should be used against owebama and corrupt democrats too if we're going that route. THAT is my point. And that evidence shows "folks" should be demanding owebama/holder/IL state Democrats should be in prison too. I'm from IL, you're not telling me anything I don't already know.
Has the U.N. spent all those stolen Million$ from the Iraq war "Food for OIL" scandal already?
I'd vote for Monty Burns before that bunchy, Communist skag. They still barely getting by and "POOR?" just like us folks?
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