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You are insinuating this administration is like the Looney Tunes? Funny, if you slow him down, obama sounds like Foghorn Leghorn! Nice call, lol
This CLOWN should really just put the red rubber nose on. Seriously, he is like a one man comedy act. I swear its like he does this stuff tongue in cheek because NOBODY could be THAT arrogant... could they?
Somebody needs to tell freeman and chris c-ock that ONE MILLION WHITE MEN died in the Civil War. 1,000,000 brothers, cousins, nephews, uncles etc.. The next time they want to cry about what happened 200 years ago they need to be reminded that the blacks weren't the only ones that suffered! It's AMAZING the lengths they'll go to in order to back "one of their own", even if it isn't even an American....... but that's not RACIST huh?
Chicken bone would be appropriate
Sharpton who uses $15 words and should get his money back because he cant PRONOUNCE them!
Because whitey is racist, dont you know? I had slaves too. So did my great great great grandparents who were in ITALY!!! They had E SLAVES. Never in the history of the world has anybody milked something for so long. GET OVER IT! In the words of Arthurs butler;' do you want me to wash your D*** for you too you little S***?
I'm ranting because I'm sick and tired now.
I wish Spike Lee would weigh in..................
Hey Barry, if Trayvon looked like what your son would have looked like, what would Zimmerman be, your LA CHILD? One of my favorites yet from OCOMMIE.
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