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Silly Season: Gloria Allred, Donald Trump to Drop 'October Surprises'

johnnyb5 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 11:56 AM
Give them more time Donald! It takes time and effort to fake these documents even with the help of photoshop. DOubt they can get them done in time for the election.
stendar Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 10:39 PM
Trump was-is right about;

The US needing to immediately stop China from deflating their currency, stealing US Co's US Patents, counterfeiting US products,

Balance-out the US-foreign-$750-billion-unfair-free-trade-deficit, US-China-$300-billion-yr-unfair-free-trade-deficit, for goods-products,

Getring paid back from Iraq $-trillions in oil, for our costs liberating-defending-policing-protecting them-their-country from 2003-2012 !

This election season just wouldn't be complete without eleventh-hour cameo appearances from two of the biggest publicity mongers on planet earth.  Celebrity attorney Glorida Allred and famed real estate mogul Donald Trump both claim to be in possession of potential political bombshells that could alter the course of the presidential contest.  My strong suspicion is that both the Romney and Obama campaigns would be delighted if this cartoonish duo would simply go away and keep their "revelations" to themselves.  Fat chance.  Let's start with Allred, whose hit on Mitt Romney is looking mighty lame: