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I guess you have t olaunch it before we find out what's in it.
let's cal them the Rdskin Potatos. that way no one is offended.
It will be interesting to see who the dems will point the finger at for this disaster. With no republicans to blame who will it be?
Now POTUS gets to exhibit his true disdain for our military, it's history, and those who have served. Is anyone truly surprised at this open demonstration of utter contempt?
This woman is patehtic. Her rise to fame was tha republican males cannot harass women ( while giving Bill a pass) and to this day it's all she's got. How Cali keep electing these half wits is beyond me.
What Morgan still doesn't understand, is that it is his rabid anti gun rhetoric, hyperbole and fear mongering that precipitates this sort of nonsense.
It takes a Village idiot.
A National historic event was once again hijacked by shameless liberals. It seem that on no occasion are they capable of taking the high road and realize that sacred national recognition of a great man's contributions should not be trumped by cheap political rhetoric.
Democrats don't "go" after these incidents. Not only does nothing shame them, but this behavoir is a resume enhancment any Clintonista Liberal would be proud to endorse.
The History Channel has renamed it's series " The World after People" to "The wrls after Democrats". First season shoot to begin next week in Detroit.
Why not just ask : 'What does it feel like to be a jew in 1930's Germany". that should get you pretty close.
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