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John Edwards is not dead! ;-)
Unfortunately, a UMC minister can only preach what his Bishop and District Superintendant take no offence at. If he doesn't, he gets sent to Podunk UMC where the parsonage's bathroom toilet sits in the kitchen at arm's length across from the oven, and his pay is cut by one third to preach the messsage he so chooses.That is why there are liberal conferences in North Central Texas and conservative ones in West Texas.
As a lifelong UMC, I think this motto is the most insidious, vapid motto ever penned by man. But I will continue to remain a lifelong UMC member, and keep that motto engaged until it steps over the line drawn in the sand by Christ.
True in some congregations, but not all
That is not true. Read the UMC Book of Discipline, expecially its articles of faith. What you are describing sir is a local and not a general phenomenon.
Not all United Methodists believe as Mike describes. I love you Mike, and I love your column, but please be very careful at overgeneralizing the UMC's stance on things. Most of what you describe are local aberrations and not official stances. Since the 1980's, we have moved from being UNITED Methodists to UNTIED Methodists! There are indeed many contingents out there who ignore our Book of Discipline and the Articles of Faith penned by John Wesley and the Evangelical Brethren. I hope your readers are made aware of the Institute of Religion and Democracy (www.theird.org) which is a conservative think-tank headed by Mark Tooley and John Lomperis in Washing D.C. to watchdog all activities similar to the ones you describe, Mike. They do this not only for the UMC but also other mainline denominations with congregations headed in the same liberal trajectories. Their advice to us is simple: don't leave the UMC, help us change it from within. Mike, you bring up some valid charges that apply to some, but not all congregations of the UNTIED UMC. Though tempted at times to go elsewhere, I am choosing to stay in my congregration, which is about 50/50 split between libs/cons, and I lead a Bible class that asserts there is such a thing as sin, there is such a thing as abomination (homosexuality, prostitution, internet porn, unwed sex, abortion, etc,), there is such an entity as Satan and his minions, there is such a thing as hell, there is such a thing a grace, and above all, there is such a person as Jesus Christ, name above all names, the Way, the Truth, the Life, and the only salvation for this world. I hope your article doesn't encourage more who could change things within to leave instead.
You have swallowed the bitter pill of sexual immorality offered by the left.
How sad that people who think like you should go through life never trying hard enough to find that special person to bond with and form a lasting marital relationship. Your words sound sweet but they are coated with the acid of immoral realationships!
If everyone thopught like you, we'd all be, as you say, God-less monsters. .I'm sure all the women you've had have thanked you profusely for the mutual masturbation. Cha-ching!
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