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Do Gun Control Laws Control Guns?

John Michael3 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 7:22 AM
FORGIVE US FATHERS, FOR WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO January 20, 2013 Today and tomorrow, as millions of Americans celebrate yet another peaceful reaffirmation of faith in our system of governance and our beloved Republic, I reflect upon that which we are celebrating, who is celebrating what, and whether or not our founding fathers would be celebrating. Truly, we can celebrate how peacefully we transfer and/or re-affirm political power in this nation. If one ignores the Civil War, no one in the world has done it so well and for so long. It was, after all, Lincoln’s election, which triggered secession. That did not end so peacefully. However, the Union prevailed and we marched on through history, elections and inaugurations, pretty much witho
I doubt it will happen, Boehner needs to grow a pair, butI'm doubtful it will happen. He is a profound disappointment. We need to purge the GOP of RINOs and GOBs. They're killing us and this nation. It is appalling how many we still have in the party, but we now know who they are. The Tea Party is not perfect, but it has cleaned out some significant duds in the GOP. Lugar's primary defeat was a momentous bellweather for the RINOs! Keep up the fight. Clean out the GOBs (Good Old Boys) and repleace liberals, RINOs and GOBs with solid conservatives. We can do this. We have to drag every conservative we know to the poles. America's future depends upon it. Tejano Jack
Jim Oakland: You should know better than to complain. You should know by now that, where Liberals are concerned, the ends always justify the means and that the sauce for the goose is never sauce for the gander. It's all part of the Alinsky, Loward & Pivin plan for socialist revolution. After forty years of dumbed down schools with half the nation on welfare, we are seeing the Democrats jumping on the thinnest pretexts to quash conservative dessent. They've been quietly doing to private citizens what they did to Nugent for three years now. The FBI & Secret Service show up at your house and threaten you with a Patriot Act arrest (incognito, no charges, no habeas corpus, no attorney) if you even tell anyone they were at your...
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