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Too Smart for Hearts

johnm h Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 7:14 AM
Charles you are one of the smartest guys out there, but let's understand what is going on. Stagnation is a strategy and it will work if we continue to believe that all will work out in the "greatest economy in the world" Stagnation allows the Fed to continue to fund the deficits, the takeover, and will justify additional programs that will strengthen the political machines. As long as the economy stagnates demand for credit will be weak, and the Fed can continue to monetize the debt without causing interest rates to sharply rise.
"I was going to get a really stupid tattoo... hearts and S***" - Mike Tyson

After watching the Sunday talk shows, it is clear the administration is looking for something that could only look "smart" through a skewed prism and odd sense of beauty. It felt like everyone on the Democrat side of the aisle should have been sporting Mike Tyson's Maori-inspired face tattoo - they came with bad intentions. But, they have the upper hand, so the question remains what kind of knockout we should brace for.

There is no way Republicans will go for $1.6 trillion and $50.0 billion stimulus...