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The Initial Aftershocks

johnm h Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 11:26 AM
Let's stop the stuff about takers. They are victims more than those who pay for them. How has the welfare state worked out for minorities? or affirmative action,public housing?, minimum wages, over regulation etc. etc. Republicans need to get off false narratives and onto a sincere effort to understand the roots of our problems. The Dems are not just big government folks, they are big business folks; obviously the two go together. The immigrant communities are more likely to produce small business entrepreneurs than 4th or more generation Americans. They almost all left countries where a narrow elite promised everything but always feathered their own nests through big government.
Nobody likes to lose. But defeats can prove advantageous if used as a learning tool. Newt Gingrich lost his first two congressional campaigns, but won his third. Twenty years after his first defeat, he changed the nation with the Contract With America.

Those who may be disheartened and dismayed over Tuesday's election results might want to consider this: Our nation is strong and resilient, and the results must be used as an opportunity to learn rather than an opportunity to lay blame.

President Obama won. A sitting president always has an advantage, but with a listing economy, high...