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The Fiscal Cliff – Don't Jump!

johnm h Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 4:53 PM
Rush is right. Has welfare helped the poor or entrapped them in dependency.? Go back and read Johnson/ Kennedy rhetoric about the Great Society programs. Their goal was to reduce dependency. Hasn't actually worked out so well has it? Our welfare programs are deeply racist. I'd give liberals the benefit of the doubt on these programs if, after seeing what they have wrought, they tried to change them in some meaningful way. But they don't. They must believe that the folks living on welfare, the crime and murder rates, the drug dependency, absence of fathers in the home, children born out of wedlock, the absence of effort to climb out by all but the heroic are the best they can do. if this isn't racism what is it?
As the nation nears the so-called fiscal cliff, Republicans in Congress must be wary of the solutions being put forward for a "grand bargain" by President Obama and Democrats in Congress. Unsurprisingly, the President and the Congressional Democrats are using tempting but dishonest rhetoric – calling for "fairness," a "balanced approach," and a "return to Clinton Era tax rates" to balance the budget.

This rhetoric is misleading for several reasons. First, Democrats are not really proposing going back to the Clinton Era tax rates. If income, capital gains and other tax rates were raised to Clinton Era levels, these higher rates would...
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