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johnm h Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 11:35 AM
No, Krugman is not talking about people who run big companies, that's his rhetoric and while he doesn't like big companies, none of the tax proposals being put forward would hit those CEO's where it would really hurt. Moreover he doesn't worry about the super rich, Buffett, Soros, Gates etc. He doesn't go after the really rich because they are behind him. The only question is if they pull the strings, or just buy favoritism.

Have you ever noticed that people who worry about inequality seem to be focused only on certain kinds of inequality? When they obsess about the income and wealth of the top 1%, they seem to be bothered by only some of those at the top, and not others.

For example, have you ever seen Robert Reich or Paul Krugman or any like-minded complainer bemoan the huge salaries of professional athletes? What about the stratospheric incomes of rock stars? Or movie idols? Or super models?

Even more puzzling, when is the last time you saw any of them assailing worthless heirs? I...