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States Choose Own Paths With One-party Governments

johnm h Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 7:26 AM
Now if those states will push back on mandates and regulations we could see some real change. Imagine if they did, folks who want to work and start businesses will drift to Republican states and those who don't will leave for democratic strongholds. The results would be so startling that the WH would fight with all the tools at its disposal to create uncertainty in Republican states to match the misgovernment in their own. Democratic run states would have to try to match policies or decline even faster. This dynamic could lead us to some real crises. That's the good news. The bad news would be if Republicans continue to act like their Washington establishment.

In Washington, Americans have two-party government, with a Democratic president and Senate and a Republican House. We had it before November's election and will have it again for the next two years.

Looking back from 2014, we will have had two-party government for most of the preceding two decades, for six years of Bill Clinton's presidency, three and a half years of George W. Bush's and four years of Barack Obama's.

But in most of the 50 states, American voters seem to have opted for something very much like one-party government.

Starting next month, Americans in 25...