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Republicans Must Reshuffle Nomination Deck for Future Presidential Hope

johnm h Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 8:02 AM
Good lord, let us not start the Presidential search so soon. I rather suspect that candidates will emerge from Governors who demonstrate real push back to Obama's mandates and regulations. Tea party will get behind anyone who shows courage and some pizzazz but will have to see results. In the mean time folks should do grass roots work at home and forget about the presidential election. The next goal is the Senate and House races in 2 years.
After several weeks of endless postmortems of the 2012 presidential contest, Republicans seem to be trending in most articles as being in disarray and with little hope of regaining the White House for years to come, if ever in our lifetime.

Many pundits have written the tea party movement's obituary and are adamant in their belief that a shift in the nation's demographic composition spells doom for Republicans unless conservative ideas are abandoned.

But there is one way to bring a GOP that seems to reflect primarily the political philosophy of the deep South to a position that is palatable to...