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Question of the Week: “Have Your Views Changed on Anything?”

johnm h Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 8:30 AM
Yes, Washington is pervasively corrupt and through Federal mandates, federal monies, so are most of the states. Big cities are corrupt on their own. Boardrooms have also been corrupted by Washington, and the culture in general is sinking into a different kind of corruption. Corruption has its roots in the lack of accountability and the drift then gallop away from inherited values. They are linked. Libertarians such as Mitchell propose the only policies that could reverse the process in Washington. But only individuals can reverse, one by one, the general cultural corruption and libertarians, who are as materialistic as anyone else on that score need a deeper grasp of the non material roots of our once great success.

I’m almost too depressed to write anything today. The Georgia Bulldogs came within five yards on the final play of the game of winning college football’s national championship (the game against Notre Dame being a mere formality for the winner of the Southeastern Conference), but fell 32-28 to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

But if the Continental Army could survive a bitter winter at Valley Forge, then surely I can summon the intestinal fortitude to write a blog post while sitting in a warm hotel room (yes, perhaps I’m being a tad bit melodramatic).

So here comes the...