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Obama Goes Oh-23-3

johnm h Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 7:19 AM
Good summary. However what the study suggests is that a Fair Tax would be superior to a flat tax. Flat taxes still fall on investment, savings and work. Supply side is not an economic theory, it is an empirical observation about the impact of taxes and some taxes have a greater negative effect than others. Economics in contrast is a general theory that helps us make sense of these empirical observations which in turn reinforce neo-classical, positive and Austrian school economics and further debunk Keynesian economics.

How do you define a terrible team? No, this isn’t going to be a joke about Notre Dame foolishly thinking it could match up against a team from the Southeastern Conference in college football’s national title game (though the Irish win the contest for prettiest make-believe girlfriends).

I’m asking the question because a winless record is usually a good indication of a team that doesn’t know what it’s doing and is in over its head.

With that in mind, and given the White House’s position that class warfare taxation is good fiscal policy, how should we interpret a recent...