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Medicaid Plan Shows that Obama’s an Enemy of the Poor

johnm h Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 9:11 AM
Welfare, unemployment insurance, Medicaid, food stamps have done grave damage to the poor. These programs have created an underclass whose culture has disintegrated all over the world. The primary reason is that they create a class of people who are not accountable for the consequences of their own behavior, face disincentives to form and sustain families, to learn skills and try to pull themselves out of their cultural poverty. The prebate of the Fair tax would allow us to eliminate all of these programs and would go far toward providing an environment where people could learn and grow. There will always be deadbeats and drug addicts, but we shouldn't celebrate them and help others to join their ranks.
As in so much else, Progressives hold an outdated conception of the debate over entitlements. They conceive it as the Left supporting generous entitlements for seniors and the poor with no questions asked, no obligations expected, versus the right supporting no safety net at all, let private charity handle it, and if some of the poor have to starve, and some of the sick suffer or die without health care, because private charity is inadequate, so be it.

But modern, free market conservatives have built on Hayek's recognition that social safety nets are not inconsistent with free markets, and just...