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Japan Threatens Takeover of BoJ

johnm h Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 9:28 AM
The ministry of finance controls (in a very Japanese way) both the PM's office and already has great influence on the Central Bank, but they do it through consensus throughout the top bureaucratic, banking and corporate level. It is unlikely that the PM would do anything without the Ministry's approval. They may be trying to build a consensus for higher rates of inflation and a weaker Yen. The MOF has been trying to weaken the Yen and raise inflation for over two decades but it has remained stubbornly strong.

A very serious question that investors face today regards whether Japan is or isn't serious about politicians taking over Japan's central bank.

Personally, I think the politicians are serious, as well as "seriously wrong".

If you think that I am wrong, please consider Yen Declines After Abe Says He May Change BOJ Law.

The yen declined...