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Is It Okay to Steal if You’re from the Government?

johnm h Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 7:08 AM
The beauty of the drug war is that it povides unambiguous evicence that big government will always tend to totalitarianism, at all levels, it will be as stupid as a majority of the people allow and that it can't fix itself.

In early January, I shared a “libertarian purity test” based on 64 questions.

I was a bit disappointed that I only scored a 94 out of a possible 160, but my excuse is that it was really a test of anarcho-capitalism. And as I explained when sharing this amusing video, I’m only in favor of getting rid of 90 percent of government.

But maybe the simplest test of libertarianism (and also the simplest test of whether you’re a decent human being) is to see whether you’re upset by the following story.