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Is Capitalism Killing Our Morals and Economy?

johnm h Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 10:44 AM
First I've said repeatedly that simple transparent laws are necessary. But corporate consolidation is rare, if it exists at all, or remain for long in the absence of government, You still haven't provided an example. While we can all give examples of government not working and leading to corruption, it is difficult to find an example where government makes markets work better, aside of course from protecting property rights.

In one of the most hopelessly incorrect collections of drivel that I have ever seen, Paul Farrell of MarketWatch writes Capitalism is killing our morals, our future.

Yes, capitalism is working ... for the Forbes 1,000 Global Billionaires whose ranks swelled from 322 in 2000 to 1,426 recently. Billionaires control the vast majority of the world’s wealth, while the income of American workers stagnated.

Over the years we’ve explored the reasons capitalism blindly continues on its self-destructive path. Recently we found someone who brilliantly explains why free-market capitalism is destined to destroy the world,...