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Gaza, Catalonia and Romantic Nationalism

johnm h Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 7:12 AM
The urge to separate derives from centralized control of things better left to communities, towns, cities, cultures and nation states. In a global economy trade should be global, but there are few reasons to centralize most government policies, i.e. "public goods" When Europe or the US for that matter, was a customs union of internal free trade it grew prosperous and enjoyed peace. As it centralizes the cultural, ideological, and necessary governance give rise to conflict. The only reason to centralize was national defense and trade policy to defend free trade from local protectionist interests. As the centralized bureaucracy gathers power to itself, it threatens the thing that matters most, free markets and free trade.

Last week was spent obsessed with Gaza. In the end, nothing changed. A war was fought without an Israeli ground assault but with massive air and rocket attacks on both sides. Israel did not have the appetite and perhaps the power to crush Hamas. Hamas did not have the power to compel Israel to change its policies but wanted to achieve a symbolic victory against Israel....

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