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Don't Dismiss Silent Bull

johnm h Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 7:40 AM
Charles, of course the Dow and other narrow indices are back to pre collapse levels. These are the giant companies that benefit from giant government and indices are indices that go up with volatility even if the underlying companies are stagnant. Bonds are in a bubble and when it collapses stocks will plunge along with bond prices. Yet as long as Bernanke finances the Obama take over ithe mini bubble will continue making it increasingly difficult to ever return to robust economic growth with broad upward mobility.
I've spend the last two days debating the legitimacy of the Dow reaching all-time highs, mostly with people that have been bears or out of the market. It's extraordinarily frustrating to go through this and now wait for some inevitable correction for those wrong for years to say "told you so."

I've endeavored over the last several years to get people to invest in great American companies, even in the face of policies that have resulted in the worst post-recession recovery ever.

My rationale for this hasn't changed, in fact it's even stronger - there is a lot of prosperity in the...