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A better way to deal with it is to eliminate corporate profits tax and treat corporate profits as income of the holder of record. Next eliminate or reduce to a low flat rate income taxes.
The article is about self determination but the posts are all about California. He hit a happy note it seems.
We're missing a lot in the debate, if we can call it debate. it is Islam not some Islamic cult that can be eliminated. There are 1.5 billion Muslims scattered across the globe. we can't go to war, we cant just defeat their military and occupy territory. Islam is incompatible with the west but we don't have to be there nor invite them in. However this does not mean we should be passive. Quite the contrary. If they strike us, all of us, one of us here or there we must strike back, free hostages when we can, kill their leaders when we can. Ban their travel to the US. it is a policy focused on terrorism but based on the understanding that Islam will always produce terrorists because it is and has always been an ideology of conquest and subjugation. That is just what it is.
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Hey Europe, Blame the Socialists

johnm h Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 7:02 AM
Surprised? The purpose of centralized control is to increase the economies of scale for rent seekers. Let's face it, it is a burden to have to travel to dozens of capitals to cut crony deals. The PR is social welfare, and regulatory balance to capitalist chaos, but it's just PR it is always about rent seeking. The elite in Europe are smaller and narrower than ours, not to mention less creative and older and all that cultural and economic diversity is bothersome not to mention costly.
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Holy Radicals in a Fallen World

johnm h Wrote: Sep 27, 2014 11:47 AM
The thing about George is that he was among the very few who spoke the truth about the progressive agenda. He sees it as the biggest threat to the Church and to freedom. He also is among the smartest most deeply educated.
Defining what we do is important, and it is important to know what we are doing and to speak the truth. We have not had a debate on our role in the world since the post war strategy was defined. We did not even have a debate prior to invading Iraq. The struggle is with Islam, the immediate enemy is a radical Sunni Islamic state and after that its neighbor a radical Shiite Islamic state pursuing Nuclear weapons. So where do we begin? Perhaps by formulating a strategy to deal with Islam in all it's forms and shapes and aberrations here and abroad and within that strategy the approach we use with immediate threats. But war in a traditional sense is not what we are doing or should do because the struggle is with a billion and a half Muslims scattered across the globe. We can't change them with war or peace, with development or lack of it, by being nice or being brutal. They are what they have been for 1400 years. Maybe they will change some day, perhaps a bunch of new Ataturks will crush them in one or another country but that didn't work very well either. We can know one thing for sure. w abiyute cannot change them, win their hearts and minds, modernize them, pacify them, beat them into submission, love them into an embrace. So lets have that debate beginning by dropping the shibboleths about it being a religion of peace, or that ecocomic conditions, or foreign exploitation are the cause of their radicalism. Islam is the cause of their backwardness, their dysfunction, their hate and their radicalism. So what do we do?
One of the victims of environmentalism will be the environment. The worst will be a backlash that may sweep away parks and national forests and scenic river protections . It will lead to a free for all of special interests. The second is that they don't know what they are talking about and don't care. Centralization of government authority has been very bad for humans, for the environment, rivers, forests . This is not limited to fascist and socialist states, but has been the case here. The conservation movement, the one that actually won the important environmental battles before the modern leftists run environmental movement got started, got rolling in opposition to big government that was destroying our rivers, the army corps of engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation. We are still trying to undo the damage they did.
That most Muslims don' want to kill you doesn't really mean anything. Islam and Sharia is incompatible with our country and with modernity although many Muslims fit in and do well. But do we really need more of them? Should we be extending visas to people from terrorist supporting countries or to anyone with any contacts with terrorism. Is this not all Muslims. Should we allow Muslims to work our prison populations? Should we not be teaching black kids the history of the Arab slave trade. What else should we be doing always aware that any weakening of freedom of religion will be used first and most strongly against Christians.
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A Basket of Snakes

johnm h Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 12:24 PM
Do you really believe that Islam is so screwed up because we have meddled in their internal affairs? We meddle because they present a vacuum that threatens us when filled by folks who are threatening. This narrative is an offshoot of the anti colonial nonsense. They are radical because they are poor, because west isn't nice to them, it exploits them, takes their wealth, there are many idiotic plays on this narrative. Any good false narrative should have some truth to it. but that doesn't free us from trying to understand what is really going on.
Or gold. One must read Hayek to understand why it is all nonsense, even if exercised by a political neutral machine. There is no such machine and if there were it still would not know where to spend the money because such things are not knowable.
The struggle to free our military's hands in the M.E. is understandable. One can't fight a war that way. On the other hand this isn't a war in the traditional sense of destroying the enemies' military and taking his territory. We don't want his territory and we don't care that much about their military. On the contrary, we'd like some military left in Iraq as a counter weight to Iran. It is the same old struggle with Islam the west has always faced. it isn't just radical Islam, it is Islam that always produces radicals if it is free to do so. We can't change them, we cant defeat them we can quarantine them, keep them there. Develop our oil so we aren't dependent and they'll believe that we won't hesitate to destroy their oil fields. Bomb them, give them some fresh memories, give the Kurds a chance to form a separate country but another prolonged war against Islam. Not wise.
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