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Even when it wasn't treated as general revenue, there was no lock box. it has always been a fiction, and always will be until it is privatized. Of course, now that it is in the red, it doesn't matter, it's all spent on SS, but it still does great harm to the economy.
Yes Bush spent far too much. He shouldn't have, but now you call spending even more necessary and reducing the rate of spending austerity? Your numbers are wrong, but your reasoning is screwy.
The govt already takes 14% out, so it's not voluntary like a 401K. The poor would never see it until they are eligible, just like now but it would grow with the economy, they would own it, it would be part of their estate, the government couldn't raid it like now, when or if they retire is up to individuals, and they would have a stake in the economy. Privatization expands the economy and human freedom, SS reduces freedom and harms the economy.
So did establishment Repulicans.
Why just the poor? All SS should be privatized, but not just people under 30. Make it 40 and extend the retirement age for those over 40. Of course privatization requires that SS payments be moved to general revenues. Frankly it should be a no brainer, but then, nothing seems to be.
They'd be offered index funds and a treasury mix. This is a phony issue. Federal workers were privatized 40 years ago. It has worked well. It has the advantage you own it, you can retire later or earlier, it generates national savings, it provides citizens a stake in the economy and in lower taxes and.
Does it matter who is winning? Could we do anything about it? Would anyone, least of all Putin, believe Obama if he should take some kind of stand?Is that not more dangerous than doing nothing other than working with the EU? Does anyone listen to McCain? Is there a lesson here?
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Yellen: Where No Man Has Gone Befor

johnm h Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 11:00 AM
She knows what she is doing. She is financing the deficit. To the extent China buys treasuries, then she can reduce purchases. The issue is government power, government policy, government spending which she is allowing to advace unimpeaded. it will continue to work with modest inflation as long as the economy remains stagnant. The economy is stagnant because of government regulations, taxes and spending. These people know what they are doing. It would seem Repulicans don't know what they are doing.
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Is Obama To Blame for the World's Crises?

johnm h Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 10:27 AM
While what Chapman says contains much truth, he misses the point, but so do many of Obama's critics. Obama has no foreign policy, there are no foreign policy veterans anywhere near the White House. None of them have a strategic vision or any sense of what matters and what doesn't, nor what we can accomplish, control, shape and what we cannot. So they ignore matters until the press pays attention then try to decide what is the best PR. This is not incompetence, it is dangerous irresponsibility. The US can't control matters, but they can decide what matters and what it can do something about.
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What if Obama Defended American Business?

johnm h Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 7:25 AM
Larry figure it out. Obama loves business, but to extract support financial and other, he first demonizes them. Demonize insurance, then cut a deal, demonize big pharma, then cut a deal, Wall street and the biggest deal of all. This is how protection rackets work. The end result is that the competitive market is destroyed and the fascist/corporate state is advanced. I think it's time establishment Republicans figured it out. Or is it that they are just waiting their turn. There is a ig difference, they'll embrace the market instead of demonizing "big whatever" then cut a deal. which also destroys the competitive market.
California is one of the most beautiful and pleasant places on earth, so it takes a lot of liberals to destroy it. It's got a way to go. Moreover the real destruction comes out of Washington. At the state level there is a degree of accountability so that even corrupt governments have to spread the corruption around. In addition wealthy Californian's can take their income in other states or nations where taxes are lower.
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