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The notion that UN member governments can manage the climate should be seen as a very bad joke. Most of those governments can't maintain roads, deliver clean water, etc. Ours can't build a web site, deliver the mail at a reasonable cost or prevent billions of dollars of fraud in any of it's programs. Governments don't produce technology, innovation, or any good and most of the services they provide do more harm than good. By all means let's turn over the energy sector to them. They're all doing such a good job with health. I don't know whether we're warming or not. But I know beyond all shadow of doubt that our government is not capable of doing anything positive about it except getting out of the way of free institutions that will solve the problem if and when it becomes clear that such a problem exists.
I'm waiting for the want to be Presidents to use April 15 to raise the same issues as this excellent article and with the same conclusion. If none do, we should look elsewhere.
This is a good article. There is another point he should make. So far this has worked because the US and world economies are weak. If our economy began to grow from the bottom up, i.e. through an expansion of bank credit to new and expanding business, the money base that the Fed has created as it buys up Treasury debt, will expand into money and inflation will be off and the whole house of cards would start tumbling The Fed must stop monetizing the debt while the economy is weak, or the next administration will be afraid to return to growth and prosperity. Yes it will burst the bond and stock bubble, but the sooner the less drastic the financial disintegration.
Most of the political and corporate elite are secular and some in the media are aggressively anti Christian, but where we’ll be in 10 or 20 years is not knowable. Humans are naturally religious; people having children are more likely religious as are home schooled kids. The new religion of green, the old religion of Marx, and the new devotion to “me” are fads and the more the progressive elite persecute religious folks, the stronger religion becomes. So I wouldn't want to bet on what the religious landscape will look like in 10 years.
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Yellen's Low-flation Nonsense

johnm h Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 7:47 AM
It's amazing how progressives spout the same nonsense as wesee below with troll. Most democrat voters probably believe it as they've no tools to think on their own. But the progressive leadership of both parties know that centralized economic control enriches the controlers and squeezes the middle class. Inflation hurts everyone except people who have few financial assets, large debts and a source of income that adjusts to inflation. Moreover any bout of inflation will be followed by tightening. The high interest rates will explode our national debt payments and threaten the dollars role.
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The Talk Radio Party?

johnm h Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 5:45 AM
As weak as some of the losers were, had the establishment worked with them they would have won. Or had they worked with them to find a conservative candidate that person could have won. Any way you cut it the loss was produced by the Republican establishment. I seldom hear talk radio, what little I hear reflects common sense. In contrast, liberals strike me as totally insane.
Anyone not frightened by this incident isn't paying attention. Do gays really think they won't pay a price for helping build totalitarianism?
The courts are wrong. All campaign finance restrictions are put in place to strengthen incumbents and the media. As long as Congress is for sale there will buy buyers. if we want to change that we have to put Congress in a box, not their challengers. The box already exists, it's called the constitution.
Obviously there are real differences. Some of those differences show up when liberals try to bring science and analytical heft to support their opinions. They simply can't do it. We all see these differences when we try to argue policies with them. They can’t do it. The study says conservatives don’t like change. That is of course pulled out of a misunderstanding of Burke and not from observing real conservatives. Who are the entrepreneurs? Who are advocating radical changes? Hint, it isn’t liberals. Who can’t tolerate hearing views they don’t already agree with? Who is offended by moral positions, analytical perspective, freedom of speech and of association, and market place competition? As MoreFreedom says below, there are studies on these things. None of them are really hard science and really just get at matters we can observe daily, but which liberals do not observe or understand.
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How to Assist Evil

johnm h Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 8:53 AM
Our kids are being taught almost nothing about the 20th century, and little about our history, and what they learn is distorted, or flat out wrong. Of course by now their parents are products of the same lack of education, those with living memory of the Nazi's are going fast; were it not for holocaust movies, people would know as little about Hitler as they do about the Soviet Union, and even there he is portrayed as right wing and akin to our conservatives even though he was a modern nihilist,centralizer, planner, or indeed apply any progressive notion and it fits.
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Taxing Life Away

johnm h Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 8:31 AM
This is the week some want to be President should be making speeches about the tax code and offering a simple replacement. I'm waiting to hear it. What's wrong with these guys?
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