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Obama's Biggest Fail Yet

johnm h Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 8:47 AM
Interesting that the main debate on the right is whether Obama is purposely destroying the country or is just inept, stupid and corrupt. Now that Obama is on his way out the left is willing to go with inept and remote, perhaps too smart and over confident. These things are not mutually exclusive, moreover as the government gets bigger, more intrusive and more deeply into things governments can’t and shouldn’t do, entropy that affects all human organizations and leads it to total dysfunction accelerates. Its coming apart folks and there is only one fix. Sweep it up, throw it in the dust bin of history and start over.
It provides extra cash by putting underused assets into service. Few can live off it. Hence there will be plenty of space for full time taxis and hotels if the regulatory burdens can be reduced.
As Fernando DeSoto documented, most of the economies in third world countries are what you call on the black market. These are the markets that matter, but they can't grow because they are illegal. The problem is the regulations, not the general state of the economy. It does not matter how prosperous an economy is, what matters is the burdensomeness of the regulations. Of course the reason the third world is third world is because it is so strongly regulated. We are heading in that direction. Regulations create the black market and the relative lack of prosperity. Pawn shops, by the way are legal and regulated.
Do we need any regulation of food and restaurants, slaughter houses, local services? All of them are attempts by established firms to limit competition. Do these regulations keep us safe? If you get sick in a regulated restaurant what is your option? Does being regulated help you with your legal case or harm your chances. Does knowing that the Chicago or New York health department licensed a small Chinese restaurant make you feel safe, or do you take a look at the kitchen, the floor the employees? Do building codes hold our buildings up. Do you want a cooky cutter regulation by the guy who graduated at the bottom of his engineering class to oversee your building, or the engineer and architects who came out on top and compete with others who came out on top? The search for certainty and safety is exposing us decay and rot.
It's a matter of common sense, not economics. If infrastructure has a higher return than the cost of capital and the opportunity cost of the resources, it adds to growth. This is one of the reasons Fed policy is so destructive, what is the real cost of capital when the fed is providing free money some of whose cost will only be known in the future. It would be like saying, GM will do better next year if they spend more on their buildings and parking lots and it doesn't matter where they get the funds, what part of the business they take them from, or how high the debt gets. Keynesian economics is nonsense from top to bottom because it isn't economics. It's creative accounting.
These services will be under threat as they appear, but can they be stopped? It remains to be seen. They are a glimmer of light in the otherwise dark administrative state. They offer competition in sectors where the entire relevant regulatory environment is designed to eliminate it. They provide opportunities to use capital that otherwise is vastly underused and over built. What the existing hotel and taxi business interests need to do is attack the regulatory framework that makes it so hard to enter their business and reduce costs. Food trucks face the same hostile environment.
When I told friends in Bogota that we were fighting over voter id laws. They couldn't believe it, that anyone would offer arguments against showing valid id. In Colombia and in every other country i've lived in or visited voters must show a national identity card, a cedula and get finger inked.
Democrats are saying that blacks are too dumb and inept to get themselves a voter ID. If this isn't racist what is? Why are not black leaders incensed? Because they are the ones who organize the fraud. How else does one explain this.
Good comment. Kasper and his clique act very much like old line Stalinist conspirators, not that I'm accusing of being such, it's the tactics of those who who know everything, especially what's morally correct and where human history must go. They'd never see it as the same direction the Episcopal church chose, that leads to the same end.
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Please, Janet Yellen, Shut Up

johnm h Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 10:55 AM
It's good that she gets off topic so we can see that she who she is. This is one of the most powerful persons on the planet. We should know just how dangerous she is because very few people understand financial and monetary economics, so the more she sounds like a hollywood starlet, the better.
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Free Market Response to Ebola

johnm h Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 9:23 AM
Helping control deadly communicable diseases is among the very few things the Federal government can and should help with. I suspect however that government at the state local and federal levels are the biggest hindrance to private response to these kinds of problems. The problem is that whenever government organizations like the CDC, or NIH get over abundant funding, they start finding new ways to spend and these inevitably corrupt them, diverting them from the one or two things they should legitimately do removing the need to set priorities and obfuscating the objectives for which they were originally created. . The problem is almost always too much money, too big budgets.
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