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In Defense of Torture

johnm h Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 10:25 AM
The whole thing is old news, we already stopped it, flayed ourselves over it, weakened ourselves over it, informed our enemies that they were safe in our hands, so now since we can't get any information out of them we just kill them and anyone around then, occasionally when we need good news. So why now? They're going to empty Gitmo and close it. that is what it is all about and our media, including Shepard Smith at Fox are all outraged all over again. Good Lord.
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Congress sends Obama $1.1 T spending bill

johnm h Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 10:14 AM
The banks have enormous power that is why congress prefers complex regulation and thousands of regulators. Any real reform would remove regulations and make them more accountable through clear laws that fix responsibility for bad loans and investments. Don't buy into the nonsense about the need to regulate. Regulations are the problem in every industry.
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Still More Politicized Pseudo-Science?

johnm h Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 9:44 AM
Most conspiracies can be explained by stupidity, cowardice, and ineptitude. The exception for nearly a century has been the far left. They know the truth, know they are more righteous, that folks who disagree with them are evil as well as wrong and they don't have to personally engage with each other to foster the conspiracy because it all flows naturally out of the little book. The environmental movement was drifting left for decades but when he Soviet Union collapsed the professional left lost their system and their remuneration. They moved into the environmental movement and schools where they already had friends. So they do in fact conspire and have a whole population of pantheists to hang on whatever nonsense they cook up in their little deranged conspiratorial minds.
How about the libertarians take over the Democrats and conservatives take over Republicans. A third party may move them to the right but won't get elected and they'll just go back to business as usual. They don't behave the way they do by accident. All the corporate financial and union interests and the machinery move them there. The press and the big money as well. So you change things one seat and office, school board, local newspaper at a time. We must change the State houses first, then refuse to play. Washington is beyond repair.
When the country has gone insane apparently it's not easy to know what to do about it. We have a fascist government, an idiot dishonest press, brown shirts roving the streets smashing everything they can, academia supporting all the insanity and spending most of its time thinking up ways to get grants to justify the insanity. There is no historical memory anywhere, except among the fascists themselves who know that if they keep it up and are loud enough they will come out on top. The new Congress needs to change leadership and go to the mattresses.
Nonsense, if it were a conservative white there would be no issue, it would not have made the press, the media wouldn't care. And if it were a black street thug chocking a white policeman, It would have been buried. You haven't been paying much attention for the last several decades I'd guess, or you're pulling our legs.
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A Shameful, Worthless Report

johnm h Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 10:22 PM
Here and there we see articles like this one that treat the report for what it is, but most of the media has trumpeted this retread as news. That it serves no positive objective other than to weaken us, should be obvious but isn't. I suspect it has strong White House backing because they just released Gitmo detainees and and want to empty the place before he leaves office. That is what it is all about.
I'm don't know if its bad or terrible, but if it stirs up folks enough to replace the leadership, I'm all for it.
anyone who has lived in Latin American knows this in the gut. Everything is illegal unless specifically permuted, hence there is no respect for the law because unless you are powerful enough to use it, it is an impossible burden. Most law is not codified, it is what we inherited from our traditions, some things must be codified but these too are taken from our traditions. Liberals and most intellectuals disparage tradition and received wisdom so are constantly undermining the rule of law. Libertarians are right about legalizing a lot of negative behaviors, but they too disparage religion and received religion. if they get that part right we call them conservatives.
I don't know whether water boarding is torture or not. I don't know if it worked or not. I don't know why this old news was reported with new hype. I don't know why the Democrats insisted on releasing it in the midst of an expanding struggle with fanatics. I don't know why we tell terrorists what we will not do to them. I don't know why we keep releasing terrorists from Guantanamo. I don't know why we kill terrorists leaders along with innocents instead of capturing them. I don't seem to know anything. I suspect that the study was released in conjunction with new releases from Gitmo to divert the media. I suspect it precedes more releases so that when Obama leaves office he can say he accomplished one thing, he closed Gitmo. One little and lasting harm to the country.
I imagine the releases of old news with new hype is to cover for a bunch more terrorists released from gizmo. This bunch does nothing just for the fun of it.
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