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Tax Day Fantasies

johnm h Wrote: 12 hours ago (8:49 AM)
If our presidential hopefuls aren't ranting about the tax code on tax day, they are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
Good article, but it will fall on deaf Republican ears. They don't want to understand the difference. Of course Democrats have been deaf and blind on such matters for over a century.
So does this mean the Jews were to blame for the effectiveness of Nazi propaganda? or does it mean the Nazi's had too much power and control and used it effectively to silence some and motivate others. The same thing is happening here but it isn't because the opposition doesn't act nice, it's because they are cowards, benefit from the power, and won't risk losing even a little of their leverage. Their message should be quite simple. Big government is inept, corrupt, destructive and must be reigned in, cut back, and where necessary moved closer to the people.
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Statistical Frauds

johnm h Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 8:32 AM
Here's a real challenge. Can anyone name a single issue where progressives of both parties don't lie or distort?
Are these types of articles trial balloons paid for by friends of Jeb? No more Bushes no more Rinos. If some loving father wanted to take up residence in the Bush home what would Jeb do? Common sense? Give me a break. Common sense would be to enforce immigration laws first and stop some of the really dumb stuff like kicking newly minted PhDs out of the country.
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The End of Ideology?

johnm h Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 8:05 AM
The US can't rest on nationalism because it isn't formed by a single nation. it used to be based on a shared set of simple values. We learned our history, read our founding documents, and folks who immigrated here said yes, we agree and became American even as many, maintained their nationalities of Italian, Irish, German, English, Spanish. That has changed, now we are a collection of interests that milk the rest of the nation in the name of what ever fad the leaders can ride to more power for them. The only relevant question is how to we get back there? if we can't the rest won't matter. We were a really good experiment that lasted about two hundred years.
The point about new energy and energy saving technologies is that we can't know what they will be, so the government can't support them. Indeed, since old technologies and ripoffs have the lobbying heft, the government will always, no exceptions support the wrong thing. Free markets will figure it out when we need it, through trial and error as has been the case with all applied technology.
Perhaps but what if you're wrong? Would you not take Pascal's bet if you could?
Let’s have some journalism. Chronicle before and after net worth of all of them. Start with Obama. Before elected to the Senate his income came from being an adjunct professor, one crooked land deal and a lawyer wife. He is now worth about 13 million that we know about.
The notion that UN member governments can manage the climate should be seen as a very bad joke. Most of those governments can't maintain roads, deliver clean water, etc. Ours can't build a web site, deliver the mail at a reasonable cost or prevent billions of dollars of fraud in any of it's programs. Governments don't produce technology, innovation, or any good and most of the services they provide do more harm than good. By all means let's turn over the energy sector to them. They're all doing such a good job with health. I don't know whether we're warming or not. But I know beyond all shadow of doubt that our government is not capable of doing anything positive about it except getting out of the way of free institutions that will solve the problem if and when it becomes clear that such a problem exists.
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