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ECON 101

johnm h Wrote: Jun 23, 2012 12:45 PM
Agree with most, but the human weakness that makes limted government suboptimal, makes big concentrated government intolerable. While a received moral code is important, one need only live and work in countries where there there is none to see that it matters, but freedom and accountability for ones behavior will lead back to the same moral code we received from our culture. There are those who say that this religious inheritance isn't essential to a free society, that the notion of individualism is all that is needed, but individualism is founded on the religious view that all persons have dignity. Remove that and it all falls apart as we have repeatedly seen, and are seeing again among progressives.

What is the role of government in our economy? Should we tax the wealthy higher and raise the minimum wage to induce “fairness”? What is the solution to poverty?

Recently I was asked by a website to join an esteemed list of contributors, most of whom are smarter and more well-known than me, offering their thoughts on these and other economic questions facing the country.

With folks representing the Cato Institute, Club for Growth, and Stanford University, as well as names like Dinesh D’Souza, Grover Norquist, Star Parker, and James Taranto having already answered the...