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A Thoughtful Look at the Marijuana Legalization Trend

johnm h Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 10:55 AM
Give me a break. The stuff is poison, it is not only currently illegal but it is grounds for long jail time, seizure of property etc. Why would anyone want to make it a tax deductible expense to promote the consumption of heroine, et al? If we can't be rational we can't solve any of our problems. Currently federal law unconstitutionally prohibits its consumption.. Constitutionally the Federal government can prohibit the import and the FDA regulates pharmaceuticals. What problem are we solving? Crime, corruption, empowerment of criminal gangs around the world, the incentives to hook new users, violence, funding terrorists, the destruction of minorities, incentives for illegal immigration.

Society is gradually becoming more liberal – or libertine – in many ways, and one of the latest trends is the gradual legalization of marijuana in one state after another. This past election, voters approved marijuana for legal (recreational) use in Colorado and Washington. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational or medicinal use in 13 states, with more states to consider it soon. 15 million Americans are regular users of marijuana, a little over 5% of of the population. It seems problematic to criticize its legalization from a logical perspective considering alcohol, another psychoactive substance, is legal. If it is acceptable...