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The biggest shame is our dishonest media who doesn't call Dingy out on his lies. I guess you need an R after your name.
39%? The subsidized and the free riders. Pedro and his family of ten are happy.
Don't fool yourself. Obama knows what he's doing, bringing down Capitalism.
They're afraid of the old standby, the race card.
Dingy Harry, ''don't believe your lying eyes!''
What Harry is saying, ''don't believe your lying eyes!''
A day late and a dollar short. You own it democrats!
So is Monica's boyfriend's wife.
You haven't heard them complain about the wealth of white people? That's the only thing they had on Romney. Ever hear of the koch brothers?
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2013 Guns Sales Set New Record

john martin Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 10:32 AM
Nice try.
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