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So what, they had these in The Fifth Element.
No Thanks, Jeb is someone who advocates for both Common Core and Illegal Amnesty. The next Republican elected President of the United Stats will not be the one who neglects the Republican Party base in an effort to see how many Democrat votes they can get.
The ACA did one thing,... make the insurance companies richer. Is that what all of you liberals were shooting for?
If you like your doctor - FU
Cant impeach the First Black President.
He is completely correct. Stupid people voted these people into office, and they lied to the stupid people who believed them. And there are still stupid people who would vote for them again.
Janay Rice should probably be glad she is not Republican, otherwise all of the CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC anchors would probably be playing the elevator video on a constant loop and laughing every time Ray Rice slapped her unconscious and dragged her out of the elevator.
Don't see anything about Warner in the story. What's your point?
That was a good campaign ad.
Under the Affordable Care act, also known as Obamacare, do you think your quality of care will get better, worse or stay about the same? 81% - Worse or About the same. Under the Affordable Care act, also known as Obamacare, do you think the amount of money you pay personally will increase, decrease or stay about the same? 91% - Increase or About the same. So who are the idiots out there who think we should keep this TRASH?
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