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Perhaps if he had not been in such a politically hurry to pull troops our of Iraq thousands of Christians and Kurds who have died because of the same vile which attacked us on 9/11/2001 would not be lamenting their fate.
Why not a total repudiation of NFL and Raven officials for doing like things. Does TMZ have any dirt on Ravens management? Come on TMZ.
I'll take that bet. You are wrong.
Another unknowing voice from the darkness.
Totally agree. This is blown way out of proportion. Ray Rice screwed up. Janay said she screwed up. She was attacking him when he hit her. No one should have their means of a livelihood taken away from them for one mistake. How many NFL officials and Ravens officials would like to be banned from the NFL if they screwed up?
Because of speeches like this, delivered just before he goes out to golf or fund-raise. That is why.
Too reasonable? I have not read a lot of "reasonable" comments on this article. I did not read an reasoned assessment on the video you seemingly point to as portraying the individual as a violent behemoth. Oh and the use of periods IS reasonable.
Have not seen that mountain.
I think they have enough information to determine what will need to be determined. Even the people in the street probably have enough information. The cop made a bad decision. The only thing you need to determine at this point is why.
Oh you are correct. He shot him six (6) times. Twice in the head.
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