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What's Behind Hatred of Obama?

John L5 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 9:30 AM
Mr Goldberg sez: "I think Maraniss is a great reporter, and I don't believe for a moment he is in on a cover-up of Obama's "real" place of birth or his secret Muslim faith. (Nor do I think either allegation is true.)" ??????? I watched Maraniss traveling thru Obama's Africa on CSPAN. In a wattle hut somewhere in the African outback, Maraniss was moved nearly to tears as he reflected upon how Obama had slept in this very hut on the dirt floor. Maybe Maraniss is a 'great reporter' on other subjects but when it comes to Obama, Maraniss is a propagandist.

What drives Barack Obama's "doubters and haters"?

So asks Obama biographer David Maraniss in a recent op-ed article for the Washington Post. By doubters and haters he means the people who think Obama wasn't born in the U.S., that he's a secret Muslim or that he's a closet socialist.

He has an answer: "Some of it can be attributed to the give-and-take of today's harsh ideological divide. Some of it can be explained by the way misinformation spreads virally to millions of like-minded people, reinforcing preconceptions. And some of it, I believe, arises out of fears of demographic changes in this...