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Democrats In Iowa Push for Early Voting

johninsotexas Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 1:40 AM
Iowa democrats can go straight to you know where?. I hope the state goes backrupt, for supporting Obama.
wpeeters Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 5:11 AM
Unlike you I have no ill will against Iowa, Didn't you want to say I wish them a Republican governor who can make the state prosperous again like we need one in every one of the 57 United States (quoting Oblahblahblah on the number, not my mistake.

Democrats in Iowa are starting to get nervous. With what was once President Obama’s strength- his foreign policy record- quickly eroding as he grossly mishandles a terrorist attack and security failure for political gain, it’s easy to see why the Iowa Democratic Party is encouraging early voting.

As CNN reports, early voting, which began yesterday, is up drastically over 2008 levels. Democrats account for over 80% of all absentee requests, according to the Iowa Secretary of State’s...