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Reid won't be around much longer.
This guy will lie, steal, and cheat ion order to keep the Big house, and Airplane.
I pray that when Obama is re-elected, and the economy goes belly up, I see some of his media in the open. They will not be long for this earth.
Finally, something to laugh about this week.
So, your one of the COWARDS to attack Romney?. You might want to keep your thoughts to yourself, 'cause if I were to overhear you spewing out your garbage, I'd stomp a mud hole in your cowardice butt.
Don't tell me this dip shite president authorized blank ammo for our Marines?.
Mr. Wexler, eat shite!. You're no better than any of the other Dems, just a coward period. Romney was very presidental, and the comment he made, is one I'd expect from a strong leader.
Romney acted like a true leader. Too bad none of these liberal media weren't in Libya.
Morsi, you can go straight to hell. You don't tell us how we can use our 1st amendment. I think we ought to stop giving you aid as of now!.
What are so upset about, the fact that mohammad encourages sex between males, or everyone knows they're all psychos?.
This is not my president, my president has a set of balls. My president say's to Egypt, as I say "Take your Koran, and go to hell!".
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