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Nine Justices or Fifty States? Who Should Decide Gay Marriage?

John in OK Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 9:46 AM
You prattle on about "liberty and the right to choose," but what about the rights of the unborn? They are human, according to their DNA. And DNA is accepted in court as an infallible identifier of a unique human being. What you deliberately forget to consider is the principle that your freedom to wave your fist around stops at the end of my nose. Roe v. Wade was bad law because the court forgot that the rights of the mother end at the baby's body. And when you achieve even a fraction of the intellectual and legal prowess of Scalia and Thomas, then you can criticize their legal decisions and be taken seriously. As it stands, you're just another liberal hater who can't stand anyone who disagrees with your prejudices.

I would like to think that Supreme Court justices are smarter than I am.

At one level, they surely are. Their years of devotion to the practice and analysis of law involves countless pages of book-learning I will never undertake. Their brains must fairly bulge with minutiae I cannot grasp.

But there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom. There are high school dropouts who have deep wells of astuteness about how to think, act and live in an enlightened way. And there are Ph.D.’s I would not let into my house.

In one stunning moment Tuesday from the Supreme Court...