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Tuning Into Obama Post-arrest Speech at Halfway Point Proves Jolting

John in OK Wrote: Apr 26, 2013 4:52 PM
Well, Obama said once that it was his job to prevent false stereotypes of Muslims. I suppose in his mind, that includes trying to prevent people from recognizing that most of the terrorists attacking us are Muslims. But then, this man (term used loosely) wouldn't recognize truth if it bit off his nose.
I happened to hear President Obama halfway into his remarks on the evening that the surviving Boston Marathon terrorist was captured. By pure happenstance, I caught the following sentences as the very first words I heard of his message to the nation. They were shocking, and they basically confirmed what I had suspected for ages. The first words I heard was, "... that American spirit includes remaining true to the diversity that makes us strong."

I get diversity, and I get inclusiveness and all that stuff. But in a short speech to calm a nation that once again was the victim...