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Obama's FAA Harm Offensive

John in OK Wrote: Apr 26, 2013 4:55 PM
This is nothing but Obama arrogantly trying to punish America for daring to defy His will. After all, He is the One that He has been waiting for.
If sequestration happens and nobody feels it, does it have a political impact? No, apparently; so two months into what we were told would be Armageddon, the Obama administration is launching a harm offensive, trying to punish the American people for suggesting Washington might modestly reduce federal spending. The weapon of choice? Furloughs of air-traffic controllers, deliberately imposing flight delays.

The corrupt media is largely falling into line, blaming "steep budget cuts" for the flight delays. But President Obama's original FAA budget request for fiscal year 2013 was $15,146 million. Congress, knowing sequestration loomed, appropriated $16,008 million. From that, sequestration...