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If Same-sex Marriage Is a 'Right,' There Are No Rights

John in OK Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 6:29 AM
Then base your ideas on reality, not ideology. Homosexuality is, at best, an evolutionary dead end, a failed mutation that crops up in a tiny portion of the population. The purpose of sex in the evolutionary sense is procreation, that is, the perpetuation of the species. Homosexual sex CANNOT perpetuate the species. Period. Therefore, homosexuality is counter-evolution and in no way something to be encouraged for the good of the species. There you go. A non-religious reason why we should not be supporting or encouraging homosexuality. Happy now?
The old adage that one lie leads to another is never more apparent than when modern American public officials deal with issues arising from sexual immorality.

President Bill Clinton, for example, started a chain of lies when he decided to have an adulterous relationship with a White House intern.

Clinton first lied to his wife, then to a federal court, then to the American people.

Nor could Clinton's lies, delivered as president, be his lies alone. His partisans in Congress either had to abandon him or add another link to the chain of lies by declaring that perjury and obstruction of...