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HAMAS = Hiding Among Mosques And Schools A bunch of cowards who start the battles by firing at Israeli civilians, and then run to the media crying because Israel fights back. Frankly, I'm beginning to think that Israel ought to just go with the "Mongol Solution" and be done with it.
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UN: A Club in Need of Higher Standards

John in OK Wrote: 3 hours ago (6:26 PM)
Give them a year?? I think not. Resign from the UN, immediately recall any US forces on "peacekeeping" missions, and give them 90 days to be gone or have the USMC as their eviction crew. With live ammo. While we're at it, freeze all UN bank accounts in America to make up for the years we provided most of their "peacekeeping" forces.
We need a conservative. Neither man qualifies.
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No, Inverters Aren't 'Deserters'

John in OK Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 6:50 PM
Naturally, all of the pathetic Leftist whiners screaming because corporations are refusing to pay one red cent of taxes more than they have to....never hesitate to pay tax lawyers and accountants to find them every legal and semi-legal loophole to avoid paying the Leftists' full tax burden.
Very nicely put, Doctor. You give me much to think about. And that's a good thing.
Not quite right, Moonbat. Leftists think it's obscene for anyone BUT THEM to make a profit. They, of course, are enlightened enough to profit responsibly. /sarc off Hey HuffPo, you want to discuss just how much profit Arianna Huffington made while she was using unpaid interns and writers to build up your site? I didn't think so.
Agreed! I own a hard copy of the US Army tech manual on improvised munitions that I bought some years ago for ten bucks. It includes instructions for building a 9mm or 12-ga. zip gun.
That's the problem. NOW is not composed of anything approaching "reasonable people." They are fanatics who see abortion as their holy sacrament.
"If I don't" Gotta learn to proofread!!!
Typical stupid Democrat politician: "IfI don't like your beliefs, then your employees are better off without a job!" Any wonder why our unemployment situation is rapidly approaching that of the Great Depression, regardless of how Obama lies about the numbers?
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