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They have a college course in Applied Thuggery?
Adler is a delusional moron who cannot deal with the conservative bias of reality.
Hopefully the blacks will wake up and realize that neither Obama nor the Democrats care about them....they are in the process of replacing blacks with illegals as their preferred victim class.
Congratulations on another completely useless column, Chapman. One strawman argument after another. One crybaby liberal whine after another. It's a good thing that you work at the Chicago Tribune. If you worked somewhere where the majority of the locals could actually read, you'd be out of a job.
If you rape a child, you forfeit any right to be considered a human being. A humane execution is more kindness than such worthless pieces of garbage deserve. If child-rape is that common in the gay population, then they DON'T deserve to exist.
Go back and read the after-the-fact media reports. The local police chief admitted that even if Lanza had bought the weapons himself, the background check would not have stopped him. The reason for that is because the same Leftists who point to Lanza as reason to take our guns fight having mental disorders made public records because "it might stigmatize the mentally-challenged."
What 'surprised' Der Schlickster is learning that he and Shrillary no longer have the star power to bring out the vote! EVERY candidate they campaigned for LOST!!! This does not bode well for his chances of getting back to chasing White House interns around the Oval Orifice in 2016! It does, however, bode somewhat better for our chances of getting a better President in 2016.
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Obama is the Anti-Clinton President

John in OK Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 12:07 PM
Another delusional Clintonista spewing the lie of Billy Jeff's imaginary "budget surplus." Clinton's "budget surplus" never existed anywhere except on paper. It was the result of assumptions made by the CBO that Congress would continue spending cuts and that the dot-com bubble would continue for years to come. When the bubble popped and 9/11 happened, there went the imaginary surplus, back into the nonexistence it never left.
DNC Chairman Howard Dean is calling the architects of the law "elitist" who don't "fundamentally understand Americans." Pot, meet kettle.
I see that Ann has now decided to come over to the conservative side of the party for a little while....at least until next year, when she'll start trying to sell us on Christie as a "conservative" yet again.
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