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Spare us your delusional garbage! Jimmah Cahtah screwed up the ME first and worst by not smacking down the ragheads in '79. He set the precedent of not having the backbone to stand up to terrorists. And the worthless POS has spent his entire post-presidency sucking up to the terrorists in the ME at every turn. Every president since has had to deal with the result of his cowardice and incompetence. Obama is just the first one since Cahtah who didn't even try to help straighten out the ongoing mess.
Jen Psaki: "We certainly - I'm not going to put any labels on this." Translation: "The president hasn't decided what to call this, and I certainly don't have the spine to say something definitive in his place!"
To the LIVs, if government isn't making it available, then it's not available. After all, how dare we insist that they get up off their dead a$ses and go spend their own money on something the Democrats have told them over and over again is a 'right'?
AMEN! And, Doug, get the oldest daughter some Hydra-Shok for that .380. It's the only round in .380 to pass the FBI tests after the North Hollywood shooting.
Obama's foreign policy: Reactive, aloof, dithering, feckless and incoherent. And those are the nice ways to describe it.
Geraldo opened his mouth. Hate and stupid came out. In other news, the sun came up today, water is wet, fire burns, and Democrats lie!
Oh, they realize it all right. But in their minds, "rights" are something that government gives and can therefore take away. Especially if it's to their political advantage to take it away. You watch: conservative groups will be targeted under this regulation and liberal groups will not even be asked to submit their papers.
This kind of thing is why I do not use Facebook or Twitter.
How do you "strongly disapprove" of something that doesn't exist?
Just quoting his own words. I forget who was interviewing him but he admitted that he was "sorta lazy." Truth in advertising, I guess.
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