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Candy Crowley: No Regrets on that Misleading Fact-Check In Front of 65 Million People

John in OK Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 7:20 PM
Two reasons. First, the Democrats won't even consider it. They expect to be allowed to choose "moderators" that are on their side. Second, the Republican establishment won't even raise the idea BECAUSE the Democrats will object and the Leftist media will call them nasty names, thus ruining the delicate flowers' self-esteem!
Harold15 Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 4:50 AM
If the Republicans had any self-respect, which they lost years ago, they would refuse to participate in the debates unless the moderators were evenly divided into left and right. But, like I indicate, the GOP has no self-respect. They just allow themselves to be pushed around because they are too worried about being labels racists or whatever, which they are already labeled and have nothing to lose, but are too stupid to realize it.

On Friday, Hugh Hewitt asked CNN anchor Candy Crowley about her infamous fact-check heard 'round the world during the "town hall style" presidential debate at Hofstra University.  Her general self-assessment?  The journalistic equivalent of a solid B-plus:

HH: I have to begin by asking you about the debate, obviously, since it’s the first time I’ve talked to you since then. Looking back at not just your role but the media generally, are you happy with how it turned out? Is it pride, misgivings or both?

CC: Do you mean about the...