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A Bribery Ban Backfires

John in OK Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 10:10 AM
"If the goal is to make ourselves feel good, this law is a success. It's a failure only if the point is to actually do good." You have just summed up the liberal mindset in one sentence. And you have also neatly explained why liberals never want to talk about the results of their policies.
Until 1977, there was no country that criminalized the practice of bribery abroad. But that year, President Jimmy Carter signed a law making the United States the very first. In due course, this measure eliminated corruption from every nation where our corporations operate.

Yes, it did -- right after Carter got a tattoo and a Harley. In fact, bribery remains a way of life in much of the world, including rapidly developing countries where American multinationals need to be. These firms often are forced to choose between following age-old local custom in order to compete and obeying U.S. law, which may leave...