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This is a Warning: North Korea Issues War Alert

johninohio Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 1:12 PM
You're confused about the meaning of paranoia, probably due to the our society's sloppy use of words. Paranoia, contrary to popular usage, does not = fear. Paranoia is fear of imagined threats. The precautions and actions our security forces and agencies take against enemies is based on experience and evidence. "...absolutely no reason at all." Really?!

North Korea: This is a warning.

The Pyongyang government has announced a nationwide semi-state of war alert, the second highest readiness level, just below state of war alert. The alert is to last through 31 October.

This is a critical warning indicator, either of a North Korean provocation or of precautions against a surprise attack by the Allies. In either case it is a high cost action that signifies the North judges it is in a crisis, real or contrived.

The duration of this...

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