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New Obama EPA Rules Will Devastate Seniors

johninohio Wrote: 23 hours ago (12:29 PM)
Nixon was a scoundrel politically, but there is no reason to question his patriotism. It's far fetched to believe that creating the EPA was his grand plan to enslave Americans. Besides that, he couldn't do it on his own. Congress had to provide the legislation and money. As is usually the case, policies and laws created for a narrow purpose acquire a life of their own because the bureaucrats who run them get drunk with power and have no Congressional oversight. The EPA has overstepped it's bounds, just as the Supreme Court and President have, and there is no one in Congress or anywhere else who care enough and have guts enough to oppose them.
The GOP will have to focus on Obama's foreign policy and our dire fiscal situation in order to get reluctant Republicans out to vote. They need to lie about tolerating abortion, gay marriage, amnesty and welfare in order to keep those interest groups from coming out in force to vote against Republicans. Besides, for all the RINOs, it won't be a lie at all. Conservatives must vote Republican so that if the GOP keeps it's majority in the House and wins a majority in the Senate, then the conservatives/TEA party members will have the ability to move things in their direction. Without being a part of a majority, they'll have NO ability at all. They might as well not even be there.
The 16th amendment says otherwise. It authorizes the levying of taxes, but doesn't require it, or specify the rate, which could be made zero for any tax paying entity. So I believe it's possible to set the corporate rate to zero, and levy all taxes on individual citizens. Of course, employee salaries would need to be raised to compensate, so as far as revenues are concerned, the effect would be a wash. However, the important effect will be to change incentives from harmful to constructive. One huge advantage is that there will be no need or opportunity for corporations to pay politicians for tax breaks for them and tax hurdles for competition. Business wouldn't have the incentive to move production out of the US to avoid taxes, and the people will have direct feedback about the fiscal behavior of the gov't. The present system exists to keep the sheep in the dark. No doubt, that's why the system will never be changed.
DTOM I think that's exactly right.
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Martial Law and a Would Be King

johninohio Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 11:37 AM
BOBNIP These are serious allegations. I'd like to see your source for this info to see for myself. Do you have one?
Not one European needs to convert to Islam for the number of Muslims to increase. Anyone born in France is considered to be French. However, the children of Muslims are kept separate from the French culture and become part of a Muslim subculture with it's religious fanaticism intact. If you had a brain, no one would need to waste their time telling you this.
The Muslims started it in 1948. It's impossible to treat people as equals when they continually seek to achieve their stated aim--the annihilation of the Jewish state out of stupid, religious hatred.
As the left sees it, I'm sure, they are at war with Christianity, and the old saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" applies. As for what happens when the Muslims are done doing the dirty work for the leftists, the leftists are so delusional that they think they will then be successful in cooperating with their "grateful" allies, who will then provide them with an exemption from Sharia law and place them in positions of power and prestige.
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Has the Right Lost Its Will to Fight?

johninohio Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 8:55 PM
AlwaysLiberty It's very simple. The rank and file conservative can't control who's put up as a candidate, not even in primaries. It's a vicious cycle. The political climate in DC dictates the type of candidate that can win, so that's the type we are presented with. Then when one of them wins, it confirms in his/her mind the power of the status quo, which he/she then defends in DC.
I think the navel's beauty depends more on whose it is than on how far it is from the ground. LOL!
The cosmos is not disordered.
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