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Ditto again! (I'm reading from oldest to newest)
HeraldOfGalactus That is my thinking exactly, except you expressed it better than I could. Basically, I say, live and let live. Do you do anyone with a broken leg a favor by snatching away their crutch? Some crutches are good and necessary. Your point about the religious doing themselves a disservice by trying to support their faith with science or any other kind of material evidence is my basic problem with religionists. Faith is belief without evidence. If a religionist simply said, "I believe because of these ancient writings, and that's all there is to it", then I would accept that without argument. But if they use facts and logic, other than the internal 'facts' and logic of their religious doctrine, then I have to present counter arguments. I have no interest in suppressing Christianity. On balance, it's a force for good, more so than Islam and probably any other faith now existing. I abhor atheist organizations whose purpose in life is to suppress Christianity. But I think they would fall silent about Islam, for obvious reasons, and prove themselves to be bullies and hypocrites.
The military has not been asked to swear loyalty to Obama, according to snopes ( "The above-referenced January 2009 item about the Obama administration's purportedly planning to have soldiers and officers of the U.S. military pledge a loyalty oath directly to the office of the President rather than to the to Constitution is neither a genuine news article nor reflective of actual news; it's a bit of satire (which is tagged as such) from the Jumping in Pools blog."
I fear war will follow collapse.
I tend to agree, but unfortunately, when the collapse does come, I don't think any of us are going to feel very welcoming anymore. Starting over will be wrenching and fearsome, no matter how important in the long run.
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Does Obama Believe in Terrorism?

johninohio Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 4:34 PM
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oldtexgal It's unrealistic to believe that the common man is capable of taking the initiative to the degree you state. That's why leadership is important, which is a talent that few people have. It also takes unity, but the Obama administration has done an excellent job of turning America into numerous aggrieved minorities, thus weakening any sense of unity among the people. Unless we are lucky enough to replace the totalitarians now in office with patriotic Americans, the only unity we will ever see will be in our equal poverty when the present totalitarianism runs it's course. And who knows what happens then. It won't be pretty.
Why would atheists oppose it?
correction--" ...than they would lose from those of the straight 95%..."
Apparently, Burger King thinks it will make more money from the 5% of the population that are gay, friends of gays and relatives of gays, than they would from those of the straight 95% who would boycott them. Of course there could be a certain amount of pandering within the corporate structure, but if they find that revenues slide contrary to their expectations, the rainbow wraps will quietly disappear.
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